News from Kharkiv


Ukraine is going through hard times. The perspective of the people living in Ukraine is very complicated, we need 200-300 years to change the consciousness of our people evolutionary.
Nationalism actively increases its might. Radicals are increasingly presented in surrounding reality. The world in general and Europe particularly resembles the history of the 30s of the 20th century. In the 21st century, mankind cannot realize that it is constantly standing at the red line ….

The death of the whole earthly civilization was also in the field of interest of the author of this play. Soyfer as a humanist gives mankind a chance. But he did not survive to see the start of World War II because of the terror of Dachau and Buchenwald. It shows that Europe has not learned a lesson from the past. The text in a humorous form is very relevant and modern despite the fact that it was written many years ago. It is only necessary to read them carefully.

We are working on Soyfer’s play now, analyzing it. The course is divided by teachers into two groups. Students of each group prepare and show some scenes, trying to find modern associations, the nature of existence. Then we all watch prepared scenes and discuss how today it is necessary to perform this material in order to arouse interest not only of the Ukrainian audience, but also of the European spectators. This means to find sharp, relevant moments for the German audience. We will show you all our achievements, discuss with you and try to find something in common that unites us in artistic creativity and common work.

We are interested in methods of preparing students for theatrical professions. In technology of training of actors in the German drama school. Our theater group has extensive experience in communication and work with our German friends and partners. We have always endured positive emotions from previous meetings. The opportunity to explore your experience and share ours is very inspiring.

See you soon and best wishes,
The Ukranian Group

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