NAKT Interfest – How we work

54 people – 2+ countries – 2+ languages – 1 week – 1 play

How is that possible?

Rehearsing and thinking together about what we want to show at the end of our week is the most important thing for us. So we do not have a full play at the beginning and we do not have a steady director.

When we prepared for the rehearsals, we thought about a structure in that it is possible to work free, but what also leads us to a theatrically and performative result that we really want to show to our audience on saturday.

Our basis is the play „The End of the World“, or „The world is certainly not going to last much longer“ by Jura Soyfer.
Out of this, we developed the following structure of work:

Foto 05.12.18, 13 29 39

Five spaceships – politics, journalism/history, art, children and science/economy – are guided by an UFO-Team and accompanied by a choreography-satellite to our final conference about the end of the world.
So we have rehearsals where the spaceships are working on their own, others, where the choreography-satellite works together with all the spaceship people and, at the end of the week, we have the rehearsals where the UFO-Team has to put everything together for the final showing.
We are speaking English, German, Ukrainian, Russian and body language; we are dancing, playing, acting; we eat together, we travel through the town, we organize, we get to know each other, we rehearse, rehearse, rehearse and we try to find out what the doomsday-conference will be about at the end.

Be part of it on december 8, 21pm at Kampnagel!

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